Real estate video marketing has taken off in recent years and has become a fundamental part of most marketing programs in real estate. Search engines look for videos in listings and rank them higher on the list, which improves the chances of being seen by more people. It is also more likely that people will want to get more information on the listing after seeing the video in search results. Ultimately this will lead to higher conversions of leads.

An Australian real estate company online found that adding video to their property listings had a dramatic effect on enquiries for that property. The results were a staggering 403% increase in the number of consultations on that property.

Moreover, Cisco reports that internet video traffic is going to be 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2017. What this means is that agents who wish to stay up-to-date and on top of their game will need to harness the power of the internet and rich media marketing tools with regard to their real estate marketing campaigns.

So, here are some tips to help you with real estate video marketing in 2016:

  1. Show the best features

Buyers want to see the best features of the house, even before setting foot in it, which is why 70% want a tour of the property. This will allow them to quickly assess whether or not this is the property they are looking for. Helping customers feel at ease when buying or selling a home is the key. The sale or purchase of a property is one of the greatest things a person does in life. So, by providing these tools you can ease your fears.

  1. Evergreen videos

Evergreen simply means they have a longer shelf life, and you will be able to use them in your marketing and communications for months, even years. A few options:

– Branding Video: This can give your audience a sense of your value proposition, your lifestyle as well as your services. Not only does this give a potential seller insight into your business, but it may also be used as a recruiting tool to catch the attention of the area’s top producers.

– Agent bios: Bio videos offer your agents a platform to make their true personality shine through in a way that can’t be picked up by words on a webpage. This gives potential buyers and sellers insight into what it really will be like to work with them.

– Neighborhood tours: 86 percent of homebuyers will watch videos of a neighborhood to get a better sense of life in that neighborhood. This gives your brokerage an opportunity to establish itself as the local expert to home buyers relocating to your area.

  1. Hire a specialist

With high-resolution camcorders and editing software accessible, you may feel that nothing could be easier than throwing together a listing video. Making your own listing videos appears like a fairly easy money-saver, until you get halfway through with it and realize precisely how complicated and time-consuming it truly is. You get better value by hiring a professional.

  1. Make it easy to contact you

The video needs to communicate where and how your prospect should contact you to see and learn more about the property. This information must be embedded in the video itself. It is not enough to have the information elsewhere on the website. Too often you will use the video in a variety of marketing circumstances, so it is important that wherever and whenever someone decides to watch the video, they can act immediately to reach you for additional information or to express interest. Make it easy for your prospect and eliminate guesswork.

1-TinyHeadShotMarkus is the owner of Ninja Group. He loves all aspects of digital marketing and particularly believes in the power of video. You can catch him on Twitter  @ninjamediagroup