Out with the old and in with the new…. Most small businesses are utilizing video marketing in some way to generate leads and sales from their marketing efforts, yet a lot of real estate agents still lean heavily on old and outdated methods for generating business.  Let’s face it… open houses, newspapers, and floor duty are not as effective as they used to be.  So why do agents still focus a lot of time on these methods?  Simply put, they don’t know the real benefits of other methods like video marketing for real estate.

As an agent, using video can dramatically boost your credibility which should be a signal to start using video to boost your sales as soon as possible.   Obviously pictures do the job, but some prospects need a little extra push to make the plunge into home ownership.  Video can impress the socks off your prospects to either generate a showing or convince a seller that you have the edge.  After all, gaining edges, large or small, is how you make yourself one of those few agents who is doing a better job of getting results.   How so you ask?  Think Lazy.  I mean most people like convenience and would rather watch a video rather than read a long boring description which is usually poorly written anyway by most real estate agents.  Read on….

The right real estate video will convey an abundance of information in a short and condensed time frame that proves to be effective and extremely directed.   This translates into prospects being able to check out the home’s features, room sizes, lot placements and other features that they may be looking for in the potential home without the burden of doing a ton of research on their own.   On the other hand, shorter videos that tease the customer into wanting more can be a great tool for lead generation so that the agents can work the numbers.

A sharp call to action or CTA can get the prospect’s name, phone number, and email on any website or landing page, but what about video?  With today’s technology a CTA can be beautifully placed right in the video at the right time resulting in the perfect method for real estate lead generation.  This is an ideal plan to bypass landing pages at the risk of losing your precious life blood – leads.

In the end, if you’re not using video marketing in your real estate practice, your competitor eventually will.  Statistics show that video is quickly overtaking more traditional ways for online marketing especially for real estate agents.  Make the move now toward one of the most effective ways to grow your real estate business with video.


Image of MarkusMarkus is the owner of Ninja Group. He loves all aspects of digital marketing and particularly believes in the power of video. You can catch him on Twitter  @ninjamediagroup